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Startup Demo Day at ETHDenver
(Twitter Spaces)

Join us on Twitter Spaces to learn more from reps of Supermoon, Techstars, and Blu3 about Startup Demo Day at ETHDenver on March 2nd. In addition, win a ticket to the exclusive Founder's Happy Hour happening after demo day ends. Excited to see you on February 15th at 3pm EST.



​Welcome to HAV3N, a warm and inclusive event co-hosted by F3, Blu3DAO, and Baddies in Tech as part of ETH Denver! HAV3N is a safe space for women to connect, learn, and grow together in the exciting world of Web3. Excited to see you on February 27th at 11am.


Prepare Your Computer to Hack

Join us February 13th at 6pm EST to learn how to prepare your computer/workspace for a hackathon. You'll learn what software and tools are important to pre-download for both technical and non-technical builders.


How to Perfect Your Pitch & Fund Your Hackathon Project

Join us February 15th at 6pm EST to pitch your project to potential investors and secure long term funding for your hackathon project.


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