Our Treasury

We are financially transparent.

Blu3 DAO’s mission is to empower women to achieve financial freedom by building their careers in web3. To do this, we raise funds from a variety of sponsors and grants. Our DAO utilizes two multi-signature wallets. One is a Gnosis Safe and one is a Harmony Multisig.
Please view the summary our 2022 Financial Statement below. All figures are in USD and are rounded.

Total Funds Raised

As of Dec 15, 2022.


Funds Raised for Events

As of Dec 15, 2022.


Funds Spent on Events

As of Dec 15, 2022.


Remains in Our Treasury

As of Dec 15, 2022.

Our Treasury

How did we spend our 2022 funds?

Blu3 DAO focuses on in-person activations. The main program our DAO focused on in 2022 was Blu3 Hacks. Blu3 Hacks is our educational initiative where we sponsor talented builders to compete in a web3 hackathon or to attend a blockchain conference. We sponsored our hackers with travel stipends between $500-$2,000 USD each and fully paid accommodations in hotels, hostels, or housing rentals. We also organized in-person events like Blu3 Day and Women in Web3 brunches. Blu3 Hacks is a nonprofit activity, all the funds we raise for these events are spent on travel, accommodation, and event expenses.

Blu3 Hacks 2022 Summary

In 2022, our Blu3 Hacks program sponsored over 160 scholars and hackers at 7 major web3 events, which included participating in 6 hackathons. The 160 figure does not include the 50 sponsored at ETHDenver, as those funds were handled through a third-party, and not by us.

February 2022
50 scholars

Scholarship funded via a third-party.

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March 2022
40 hackers
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50k received, 50k spent

April 2022
12 hackers

35k received, 35k spent

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Activate x Wormhole Miami
May 2022
20 hackers

45k received, 41k spent

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August 2022
25 hackers

$600 dollars received, 2.4k spent

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October 2022
43 hackers

66k received, 61k spent

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June 2022
24 hackers

26k received, 16k spent

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Our Treasury

How will we spend our funds in 2023?

Blu3 DAO will continue to focus on in-person activations, albeit at a smaller scale. Blu3 Hacks will sponsor builders at a maximum of 4 blockchain conferences/hackathons over the year, one every quarter. In addition, we will focus on launching Blu3 Bootcamp, where we will pay qualified instructors to deliver live lessons. In addition, we'll focus on local community events like monthly meetups in major hubs like NYC and LA and building out our regional DAOs in Latam and Africa.

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